my Tesla questions

Welcome to the new project:

my Tesla questions 


With my Tesla Model 3 2019 I'm gonna answer your questions about this model (Tesla Model Y is very similar). I can travel to your home address or we can meat wherever you want (outside Berlin we have to agree on a price).

It's not a test-drive but I can show after our meeting, how to book it at Tesla.


Haben Sie ähnliche Fragen vor dem Kauf eines Tesla? 


- how to start this car?

- what is regenerative breaking?

- how much does the vehicle consume per 100km?



- how do I charge the vehicle?

- where do I charge it?

- what are Tesla Superchargers?

  - how much does charging cost?

- what is the consumption in € per 100km?

- can you charge an electric car in the rain?



- how does automatic parking work?

- how do I automatically parallel park the vehicle?

- how do I park it sideways?

- how do I start the Tesla Autopilot?



- how do I start the Tesla alarm system?

- how do I view the videos of the alarm system?

- how do I view the alarm system's cameras in the app?



- How do I automatically drive it out of a parking space?

(if e.g. the car is parked on the side)



- what is the Tesla app?

- how do I preheat the vehicle in winter?

- how do I pre-cool it in summer?

- how do I find my car on the map?

- never scrape ice again?



- how do I leave the desired temperature in the car when I leave the vehicle?

(without letting the engine "run" so to speak and also leaving the car closed)

- what is Camp Mode?

- what is Dog Mode?

- how does voice control work?



- Tentsla is a wonderful idea to use the car battery to cool or warm your tent

(I can bring it and and if you have enough space, we can set it up)



I'll try to answer the above questions and of course I'll address yours.