If you are accepted into my customer base, you will always speak to me, your technician

  Emergency service outside the opening times

  MacBooks & iMacs with optional starting MacOS or Windows (ideal to find your way with a new Mac, if you have previously worked only with Windows PCs)

  MacBooks & iMacs with Parallels Windows emulation (Apple's preferred method to "run" Windows)

  Exchange integration on iPhones, iPads, iMacs, MacBooks, Android smartphones and Tablets, Outlook 2010 (or  newer) and web interface

  Windows 7, 8.1 & 10 installation (in all versions)

  Windows XP Home / Professional installation (on request)

  Remote maintenance of Windows (7, 8.1 & 10), MacOS and Android (incl. Smartphones and tablets)

  Remote desktop sharing based on Microsoft Remote Desktop or VNC program (also behind a router)

  Remote Desktop Sharing on 2 monitors (even possible, if the remote-controlled PC only has one or no monitor (physically) connected)

  Personal advice when buying new, and Administration in repair cases

  Repair of hardware of desktop PCs and Apple products

  Notebook / Laptop repair (although after coffee spill)

  Printer (Laser & Inkjet)

  Internet access: DSL (Alice, Versatel, Arcor and Telekom)

  Network Builder (incl. Cabling, construction of switches, hubs and routers)

  So that you only need to have 1 printer, 1 scanner, etc. on your LAN / network, establishment of a LAN / network based on normal network cables (RJ 45) with or without wireless

  Wireless Repeater (best position calculation)

  Network analysis, network repair

  Data Recovery from hard drives, e.g. have already been formatted

  Data Recovery from 2.5 inch (notebook), 3.5-inch (desktop), IDE and S-ATA hard disks (no matter if you have the data erased or formatted the hard drive, I try everything to make your data can be recovered)

  Installing antivirus software, firewalls and many other programs

  and much more ...