I hereby confirm that Mr. Rafael Gankiewicz, Responsible of IT Service Berlin is a competent expert. When the hard drive of my laptop went broken, Mr. Gankiewicz saved all my files easily. The same was when I suddenly had no Internet connection, it has installed it efficiently again. Mr. Gankiewicz has a great knowledge in the field of his specialty as a computer specialist to whom I have absolute confidence.

  Dr. Arturo Rodríguez Bobb

Free scientific researcher, author and lecturer at the Humboldt Berlin and Freie Universität Berlin


  Wednesday, 20.56 clock, I realize that I when syncing my BlackBerry data to a PC by mistake almost all private records in the Outlook Address Book -'ve deleted - after about 4000th Although I have a second hard drive to back up the data, but also because they were deleted. Panic is spreading, I'm looking desperately for the deleted data or any backup copies - nil. I call the next morning at 09.12 clock Mr Gankiewicz on, he goes immediately very friendly and knowledgeable on a my concern, and can at 12.00 clock come to me. After 30 minutes, he has discovered the deleted data, reconstructed and re-read in Outlook - reminds me a sigh of relief. I can really only recommend Mr Gankiewicz, very friendly, patient and extremely knowledgeable - I will gladly consult him again on subsequent PC problems.

  Lutz Mehlhorn, Diplom - Psychologist

Provider of nationwide Non smoking seminar "Glücklicher Nichtraucher"


  Mr. Gankiewicz from IT Service Berlin has helped me a few days ago very quickly and competently from the clamp. I could not start my computer, and it looked as if the hard disk broken. After an initial short inspection he took the computer and new software to be installed to his office, where he could wake my computer again to the highest performance in a short time. Finally, it turned out that a virus had taken root, and I could keep my hard drive.

When he brought the computer back, he managed to within a short time, all wanted by me functions ready to restore: Internet, e-mail correspondence, network, external sound card, external hard drive, printer, efficient anti-virus protection. Even my two drives were again ready for playing movies and music. I want to thank hereby once again for the quick, inexpensive, uncomplicated and sensitive repair my main Arbeitsuntensils!

  Nicole Sandt

Editor, Dakapo Press Office

Publisher, Edition Lavallée


  I am very happy with IT Service in Berlin. I am particulalry impressed with Their quality of service, technical competence and responsiveness. Their friendliness and 'can do' attitude have been so outstanding. I can wholeheartedly recommend THEREFORE IT Service Berlin.

  John Amram

HPBA Real Estate Services



  I have met the IT Service Berlin, as a very competent company.

Mr. Rafael Gankiewicz has excellent advise me when programming my computer exactly in the points and instructed where I needed assistance with my technical deficits. Furthermore, the price agreed for money.

I can recommend the PC Service Berlin also just for the needs of a computer Amateurs warmly.

  Jochen Sprentzel

ARD journalist